Kai Cenat fans in awe of brilliant dancing on stage at Nicki Minaj gig

Kai Cenat fans in awe of brilliant dancing on stage at Nicki Minaj gig
Nicki Minaj Compliments Kai Cenat As Guest on His Stream
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YouTuber and streamer Kai Cenat made a surprise appearance dancing on stage at a Nicki Minaj gig - and fans are in awe at how good he was.

Cenat was invited on stage to dance as Minaj performed her latest hit 'Everybody in Brooklyn, New York' on May 1 as part of her Pink Friday 2 world tour.

Cenat and Minaj have collaborated before and are understood to have a close bond - Cenat invited Minaj to a livestream where he lives in Atlanta in December 2023 and Cenat extended the invite to his siblings too.

During that stream, the group had a moment where they danced to Minaj's 'Everybody' - that seems to have been the inspiration for why Cenat was invited up on stage to perform during the song.

Minaj fans captured the moment and shared it on social media.

One video was shared by a fan page called Kai Mafia Updates.

And a lot of X / Twitter users commented on just how good his dancing was.

Minaj is from Trinidad and this is where Cenat's mother is from - Minaj has always taken pride showing this in her music.

Speaking on Cenat's stream in December 2023, Minaj said: "I appreciate you for not only supporting me but for supporting this person right here.

"His mom is from my country, so when I heard that I took a particular... not necessarily liking for you but caring about you.

"I need to make sure you are being lifted up so you can do all the amazing things you've been doing.

"You've created a dope lane for yourself.

"To be that young and to already have something like this mastered, I didn't have it all figured out at that age. So I have to give you your props, and the fact that you love and respect your mamma."

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