Coming out can be an emotional and nerve-wracking experience for LGBT+ people and their families.

When a son came out to his mother last week, she feared reacting in a bad way and negatively affecting him

She needed a bit of advice in dealing with the situation - so the mum decided to call a gay bar in Mississippi.

Kara Coley, a bartender working that night, answered the phone.

The mum on the phone asked:

Is this a gay bar?

Kara replied saying the bar welcomes everyone but that, "yes, it is mostly gay.”

The woman asked:

Can I ask you a question? Are you gay?

Kara said yes and what happened next surprised her - so much that she has never experienced anything like it in her 17 years as a bartender.

The woman on the phone asked Kara what she wanted from her parents when she came out to them.

She added it was because she didn’t want to say anything that would “mess him up in the head.”

Kara gave the caller some advice.

Well I think that you should just make sure he knows that you love and accept, wait do you accept it?

The lady replied:

Yes, if that what he wants.

Kara added:

You should definitely let him know that you love and accept him! I think everything will be ok from there!

Speaking to indy100, Kara said she thinks the mother was from another part of the United States because she had a northern accent, and Mississippi is down south.

At first, she thought it was joke and was really surprised at the mother's query. She said:

I was in shock. These days most people know someone gay or just go to the internet.

Later, Kara decided to share her conversation with the mother on Facebook. The post went viral with over 2,000 likes and masses of shares. On the response, Kara said:

It is crazy! I didn't think I did anything special. That is just how I live my life and I feel like if more people had a little more compassion and kindness this world would be a great place.

Here's the full post Kara shared.

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