Why are apple cider vinegar fans coming for Katy Perry?

Why are apple cider vinegar fans coming for Katy Perry?
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The apple cider vinegar community (yes, that's a thing) believe a particular brand - Bragg - is watering its contents down - and they're blaming Katy Perry of all people...

Customers have taken to social media to express their disappointment at this supposed "change" to Bragg's product, as on TikTok @tennesseejill videoed an aisle full of the stuff where it looked like some bottles were darker while others had a lighter hue.

“A couple months ago my friend told me that Bragg changed their potency," the TikTok alleged in the clip that has over 1.4m views, and 117,000 likes.

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"I didn’t want to believe, I thought this was a brand I could trust," she added, describing the situation as "heartbreaking."

In the comments section, that's where the California Girls singer's name began to pop up.

One person wrote: "I heard Katy Perry just bought this company. Can’t trust it anymore"

"It’s diluted with Katy Perry," another person said, as a number of comments attributed the change to KP.

Though Linda Boardman, chief executive officer at Bragg Live Food Products said in a statement to Eater denied there had been any changes to the formula and added that any differences are down to it being organic.

"Because Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is a live, unpasteurized and unfiltered product, color variation is expected. This variation can be attributed to the type of apples used, the season or the particular harvest, and the age of the living product within," she said.


Heartbreaking💔 #bragg #applecideevinegar #braggacv

Meanwhile, on Twitter people were also urging ACV users to avoid buying Bragg's because of the celebrity involvement in the brand and others such as @siteprotagonist began to notice the community "coming for" Perry, sharing complaints they spotted.

So why is Perry receiving flack about Bragg's apple cider vinegar?

This is because back in 2019, the pop star along with her actor husband Orlando Bloom and another bunch of rich people bought Braggs.

Perry is also described as a "longtime friend" of the Bragg family as Patricia Bragg attended the church where Perry’s parents were pastors, according to a podcast episode of Maintenance Phase from October 2022.

In 2019, Boardman announced: "Patricia Bragg, after serving as CEO for more than 40 years, decided to retire at age 90. She invited a group of investors, including her longtime friend and neighbor Katy Perry and her fiancée [sic] Orlando Bloom, to help carry the company into the next 100 years.

"Patricia still maintains part ownership of the company and a new management team was named to continue the Bragg legacy. We remain guided by the core values of maintaining high-quality and health-enhancing products. While Katy remains an active investor and avid Bragg fan, she is not engaged in the day-to-day management of the business."

There is also other context to consider

However, Maintenance Phase explained how Bragg Live Foods has previously been under scrutiny from the FDA, the FTC, and the USPS for making "false and misleading claims to provide freedom from disease, improve the youthful appearance and life expectancy."

The company was created by Paul Bragg in 1912 and he apparently lied about his age in order for people to attribute his young looks to his products and strangely combined wellness with Christianity, associating sickness with sinning.

Turns out apple cider vinegar doesn't have the benefits people believe, as USA Today reported in 2020 there is "no strong evidence" that ACV is effective in helping weight loss.

So all in all, Katy Perry isn't on an independent mission to spoil apple cider vinegar for everyone.

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