Katy Perry edits Harrison Butker's controversial speech for Pride month

Katy Perry edits Harrison Butker's controversial speech for Pride month
Katy Perry edits Harrison Butker's graduation speech for Pride Month
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Katy Perry marked the first day of Pride Month by making some changes to NFL player Harrison Butker’s controversial graduation speech that went viral recently.

Butker received backlash over his speech on May 11 at the Benedictine College graduation ceremony where he said women had been sold "diabolical lies" and that they would feel much more satisfied once they became wives and mothers. He also spoke about his wife, Isabelle, saying she, "would be the first to say her life truly started when she started living her vocation as a wife and as a mother."

"Bad policies and poor leadership have negatively impacted major life issues,” Butker added. “Things like abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, as well as a growing support for degenerate cultural values and media, all stem from the pervasiveness of disorder."

He also mentioned Pride Month, calling it an example of “the deadly sins."

But thanks to the power of technology, Perry was able to edit the video of Butker's speech where instead he congratulated the female graduates on their "amazing accomplishment" and motivated them to "lead successful careers in the world," with any mention of homemaking being removed.

“I say all of this to you because I have seen it firsthand, how much happier someone can be supporting women and not saying that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world,” an edited Butker continued.

“The road ahead is bright, things are changing, society is shifting and people young and old are embracing diversity equity and inclusion.”

While Perry also tweaked the clip so that Butker wished everyone a happy Pride Month - with it being June and all.

In the caption, the popstar wrote: "Fixed this for my girls, my graduates, and my gays — you can do anything, congratulations and happy pride."

The comments on the post have been turned off, but it has received over 100,000 likes.

On X, formerly Twitter, Perry's fans have been praising the stunt.

Elsewhere, Patrick Mahomes breaks silence on 'good person' Harrison Butker, and NFL commissioner's Harrison Butker comments draw Kaepernick comparison.

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