Mother's Day gifts she'll actually want – according to TikTok

Mother's Day gifts she'll actually want – according to TikTok

Mother's Day is edging closer – but what do you get the person you love who seemingly has everything? Enter TikTok, which may as well be rebranded as the everything app.

During the pandemic, we older millennials and boomers shrugged it off as a "dance platform for kids," but we soon changed our tune when we realised it was an endless stream of inspiration, recipes, home hacks, life advice – and raw, honest recommendations.

The great thing about the app is that most users share their candid thoughts about products, which can sometimes make or break a brand.

Jamie Love, CEO of Monumental Marketing, believes this to be inevitable. He described it as the perfect platform that replicates a "real-life experience with online shopping, reviews, video content" with some cleverly managed by marketing people.

"TikTok filled the gap that we could never fill on websites... it's humans," he said. "With TikTok you don't have to imagine what that dress would look like on you because there are tens of videos of people like you wearing it, reviewing it and rating it."

So, without further ado, here are 17 different TikTok-approved gift ideas, from budget buys and DIYs to bouji finds:

Budget-friendly ideas for the sentimental mum

Viral DIY frame vase

Interior influencer KJG Home catapulted into internet stardom for her posts showcasing her home and DIY hacks.

Now, she's returned the platform with a wholesome gift idea costing no more than five pounds, racking up over three million views in the process.

"This is amazing I’m doing this but with artificial flowers, thank you so much," one fan of the idea wrote, while another added: "I’ve just made these ready for Mother’s Day! love!"


Diy gift for under £5 ❤️ What I used: .Toilet roll (around 6 sheets per rose) .Cardboard for base .4x picture frames (I popped pictures of me and my mum but you can add your own motherly figure) 3 pack £1.99 or you can buy them individually @B&M Stores .kebab sticks or lolly sticks (glue inside the rose to hold on place) .sellotape to tie the rose Glue gun (to glue the frames and base) I already had this but you can get one for £1.99 from @homebargains . #diyprojects #diycrafts #diygifts #mothersdaygift #diyhomedecor #crafts #interiorinspiration #monochromestyle #modernhome #fauxflowers


Classic, but always appreciated...

While companies such as Appleyard, Bloom & Wild and Marks & Spencers offer delivery across the UK, TikTok has heaps of inspiration for creating your very own boutique using readily available supermarket bunches.

One clip racked up over 1.5 million views online for the beautiful arrangement, simply using three different flowers from Asda costing a total of £11.


making my own bouquet because people charge like £50 for it #fyp #flowers #flowerbouquet

Strawberry cheesecake jars

This one's for the sweet tooth in the family.

All you need is basic baking ingredients, mason jars and this easy-to-follow recipe from Vivian's Recipe Book.

"Now, this is smart," one cheesecake fan wrote, while another joked: "Okay but I'm still gonna eat all the jars myself..."


tbh I ate 3 of these cheesecake jars in one day 😃 Graham Cracker Crust -1 cup crushed graham crackers -2 tbs sugar -1/4 cup butter, melted Mix together ingredients then press into bottom of hars. Allow to cool in fridge for 30 mins. Cheesecake Filling -8 oz cream cheese, softened -3tbs sour cream -1 egg -1/4 cup sugar -1 tsp vanilla extract Whip together ingredients until fluffy. Fill jars, leaving 1cm of space at the top. Seal jars only using your fingertips. Sous vide at 176F for 90 mins. Allow to cool in fridge overnight. Strawberry topping -1 cup diced strawberries -2 tbs sugar -1 tbs water -1 tsp corn starch mixed in 1tbs water Bring strawberries sugar and water to simmer over med-low heat. Simmer for 20 mins. Add cornstarch slirry and simmer another 2 mins. #strawberrycheesecake #cheesecake #easydessert #sousvide #ZWILLINGenfinigy #ZWILLINGpartner

Mother's Day scrapbook

It's time to get creative and extra sentimental this year...

Why not create your very own personalised scrapbook filled with memories and past photographs from over the years? Some TikTokers have added personal letters and added special pages filled with appreciative notes.


Follow for Part 2⭐️ | #scrapbooking #mom #birthdaygift #mombirthdaygift #birthdaygiftideas #giftideas #mothersday #mothersdaygift #diy #scrapbookingideas #pinterest #creative #plxto1scrapbook #plxto1

The bouji self-care fanatic

Obagi Hydro Drops

Medical-grade skincare is having a moment on TikTok, with Obagi becoming one of the most talked about brands online.

With 35 years of experience under their belt, the Hydro Drops have inevitably become an instant hit among the beauty community, doctors and beyond.

They harness the purest form of Vitamin B3, Abyssinian oil and healing Hibiscus oil, ensuring skin is well-hydrated and stays glowing.


Dr. Shipp sharing two of her favorite must-have Obagi products for dry weather! If you’re going somewhere cold for spring break, stop by and grab these two products 🤩 #obagi #newyorkcity #nyc #newyork #hydrodrops #dailyhydrodrops #rebalance #skinbarrier #skinbarrierrepair

Huda Creamy Obsessions palette

Having only released on 25 February, the Huda Beauty Creamy Obsessions palettes are already selling like hotcakes.

Tutorials and reviews are already flooding FYPs across the world, and it's no surprise given the shades that complement all skin tones that go hand-in-hand with an incredible formula that blends seamlessly.

Fans have praised Huda Kattan for the release in a clip that's racked up almost a million views.

"This is so innovative. You bring out the best of the best year after year! Really moving forward the makeup industry keep up the good work," one wrote, while another added: "I am on a no spend for 2024!!! Ahhhhh these look amazing."


Here they are!!! Introducing our NEW all Creamy palettes! Some of you guessed right! #newlaunch #hudabeauty #eyeshadow #beautytok @Huda Beauty

La Bonne Brosse

We've all heard of Quiet Luxury, and now it's here to stay in hair form.

Handmade in France, the La Bonne Brosse has left no detail untouched and is subsequently taking the internet by storm.

From the stunning design to the brush's bristles catered to hair type, the brand has taken morning routines to the next level. They even provide people with an online diagnosis test to identify the best brush tailored to their needs.


La Bonne Brosse peur tout changer 💛 #beaute #cheveux #hair #astucebeauté #coiffure #cheveuxlongs

Townhouse manicure voucher

Treat your mother to a lovely wind-down weekend at the luxurious Townhouse nail salon taking over the UK.

From manicures, extensions, nail art, BIAB, pedicures and a catalogue of inspiration, there's no doubt a special Mother's Day gift card will go down a treat.


GHD Helios

With a staggering half a billion views on HairTok, there's got to be a reason why the GHD Helios hairdryer has become everyone's new Roman Empire.

It features classic power and temperature control and a powerful airflow of 120kmph, allowing users to cut blow-dry time and essentially use less heat on the hair.

The platform has since been inundated with clips from fans of the famed appliance, with one saying "they've never looked back."


4 hair volume tips 🤍 use these hacks to get the biggest and bounciest hair ever! ✨ Products: @ARKIVE Headcare the body hybrid mousse @ghd helios professional hair dryer ghd the blowdryer ceramic radial brush 35mm @Kitsch LLC ceramic hair rollers #hairtips #hairhack #hairvolume #hairvolumehack #hairtok

Liberty's 'All About Her' beauty kit

So, you have a mother who is a beauty fanatic, but not entirely sure what products to search for? Liberty has you sorted.

Retailing at £130 but worth £503, this hand-picked kit features everything needed to bring an extra special touch to their Mother’s Day celebrations.


The hostess with the mostess

A unique cooking class experience

For the mothers who love to cook, why not treat them to a culinary adventure?

The famed Asian fusion restaurant Tampopo has opened a first-of-its-kind cooking school guaranteed to tantalise tastebuds.

Complete with a welcome drink, a three-course meal of choice and a copy of all the recipes to recreate at home, Tampopo provides an unforgettable experience with first-hand behind-the-scenes action filled with flavour and authenticity.

Ana Abdullah, Tampopo's Cookery School teacher says: "Malaysia is truly a melting pot of culture and cuisines, and I can’t wait to be able to teach my guests about East Asian food. My teaching style focuses on technique so that each student can understand how to apply the foundation of East Asian cooking to their own recipes and tastes and leave with confidence."

A Mother's Day brunch treat

Sometimes the hostess needs a break too...

Live music, a flower-arranging masterclass, and a delectable three-course brunch make for the perfect Mother's Day afternoon if you're on the hunt for plans. That's what's on offer at the esteemed Montagu Kitchen and Lounge at Hyatt Regency The Churchill, tucked away in London's bustling Portman Square.

You'll get to relax in chic surroundings and get a taste of the restaurant's affluent fare, all while bonding with the most wonderful woman in your life.

Hyatt Regency The Churchill

The MixStar stand mixer

This one's for the baker in your life...

The MixStar by Morphy Richards combines style and substance with its convenient size and design for modern-day living and a host of powerful settings to provide effortless mixing, easy baking and professional results.

From bread to cakes and cookies, the stand mixer is equipped with several detachable components for your mother's homemade tasty treats including rotating beaters, dough hooks, a splash guard and whisks.

unboxing one of my birthday presents from my hubby #morphyrichards #starmix #morphyrichardsstarmix #standalonemixer #bakingtiktok #bakingtools #cakemixer

The homebody

Sunrise alarm clock

Way back when, our grandparents turned to their Teasmade to wake them up, an alarm clock that also happened to have a kettle attached.

Now, the sunrise alarm clock is the new modern-day must-have gadget with surprising benefits.

They offer sunlight simulation to wake the brain up ahead of the alarm and often use soft but effective sounds instead of the abrupt 7am phone alarm.


Amazon sunrise alarm review 🤍 #amazon #sunrise #alarmclock #sunriseclock #sunrisealarmclock #homedecor #amazonalarm #amazonalarmclock #amazonsunrisealarm #sunrisealarm #wakingup #earlyriser #seasonaldepression #amazonfinds #amazonhomefinds #amazonbedroom #hatch #hatchalarmclock

Luxury candle dupe

AldiTok has a world of its own, with a jaw-dropping 6.8 million views from people on the hunt for their famed Special Buys.

If you're an Aldi fan, you'll know the struggle of nipping in for milk and coming out with a handful of new home goodies from mirrors to bedding, glassware, cleaning products – and their viral candle collection.

Now, Aldi has done it again with two newly released four-wick candles inspired by Jo Malone and Tom Ford for a fraction of the price.

They only released on 29th February so be quick, as they're set to be another viral hit online.


Moonbird meditation device

Wellness has become the world's biggest buzzword in recent years, with more and more people learning to take a step back and take some time for themselves.

There has since been more research and awareness around breathwork, including how it can change your lifestyle for the better.

Enter Moonbird, a female-owned brand behind the world's first handheld breathing coach.

The handy device helps users relieve stress and promote relaxation through breathing exercises. It can help soothe anxiety, assist meditation sessions and help you get a better night's sleep.

"I was there myself once, having difficulties falling asleep. It sometimes took me 2-3 hours before falling asleep - until I discovered the power of slow breathing," Stefanie, CEO and co-founder of Moonbird said. "Moonbird now guides my breathing and I doze off to sleep within 8 minutes, maybe 15 on a difficult night, but it has made all the difference for me. And I hope it can make all the difference for people who are where I was.”


Moonbird is the PERFECT tool to breathe everywhere, anytime and the right way. It helps release stress, anxiety, improves focus and more✨ The effects of breathing on mental and physical well-being are now 100% scientifically proven! But it's not always easy to know how to do it… If you want to get yours go to their website ! 💌

The StretchPad

Massage on demand? Yes, please.

The company behind the famed Hydragun have unveiled a full-body at-home massager hailed the StretchPad.

Not only does it have seven different pre-programmed stretching and massage routines at the push of a button, but it's said to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, slow down heart and breathing rates, and promote the release of stress-busting and mood-enhancing endorphins.

Physiotherapist Dr Andrew Fix says using it 60 minutes before bed helped him unwind and have a great night's sleep.

"My back feels looser and less sore from its gentle movements," he adds. "I recommend it to anyone who is constantly busy and feels like they're go-go-go."


Suffering from back pain? Stretchpad could be the answer you've been looking for! #StretchPad #massage #hydragun

The Five Minute Journal

Not only has Intelligent Change's Five Minute Journal became an internet sensation in its own right, but it's also a favourite among celebrities including Lily Collins and Emma Watson.

Spending just five minutes a day practising gratitude can lead to a more productive, positive and healthier mindset.


The iconic daily gratitude journal ✨ If you always wanted to journal but didn’t know how to start, this journal is based on 5 simple questions that only take 5 minutes a day!! Cultivating gratitude can positively impact all areas of your life, from personal growth and emotional intelligence, to meaningful relationships and enhanced productivity. This is a 6 month undated journal that has daily prompts, weekly challenges and affirmations to lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are. Each day this journal will help you reflect on what you are grateful for, and makes you aware of what is within your power to make each new day great and fulfilling. 🤍 @Intelligent Change #thefiveminutejournal #intelligentchange #microinfluencerjourney #fiveminutejournal #selfcareroutine #journalingtips #gratitudejournal

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