Khloe Kardashian sick of people confusing her with 'hot as f**k' sister Kourtney

Khloe Kardashian sick of people confusing her with 'hot as f**k' sister Kourtney
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Khloe Kardashian has taken to Instagram to hilariously address the mix-up between her and sister, Kourtney Kardashian.

Earlier this week, the reality started her string of stories writing: "Hey, so for those who can't tell me and @kourtneykardash apart this is for you."

"I totally understand how we look like identical twins so this might be challenging for some but hopefully this presentation will help," she continued.

"Especially to the people that were screaming 'Kourtney, Kourtney' as I walked by... This one's got you."

It comes after Kourtney was called "Khloe" at her Las Vegas wedding ceremony with Travis Barker. An Elvis impersonator, who officiated the day, mistakenly referred to her as her younger sister.

Recently, reporters and fans called Khloe "Kourtney" outside the Ritz-Carlton in New York.

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Khloe went on to share a photo of her sister, writing: "This is my sister Kourtney. She's pretty fabulous, gorgeous, hysterical… So I get how people mix us up."

She then noted that "a few ways to tell us apart is that 99% of the time Kourt is a brunette, whereas I am 99% of the time a blonde."

"I get it she is hot as f***... Again, maybe this is where people blending us together because we are fucking identical in the way we look," she joked, before later sharing a photo of the entire family and explicitly pointing to her and Kourtney.

"The resemblance is uncanny," she penned. "Yes, I get it."

Khloe concluded her Instagram project with: "I hope my presentation helped those that have been confused for over 20 years."

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