Kim Kardashian fans are fully invested in her apps after leaving phone unlocked

Kim Kardashian fans are fully invested in her apps after leaving phone unlocked
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While Kim Kardashian fans are busy wondering what happened to her bandaged-up fingers, others have gone one step further by dissecting her iPhone apps after she left it unlocked.

A paparazzi shot of the Skims mogul was recently reposted to TikTok, with Erica (@ericastolmandowdy) going through "all of the apps on her phone, so you didn't have to."

Kardashian was seemingly taking photos with fans – but unintentionally revealed all of her apps in the process.

Erica took the time to list all of the apps in order of appearance, with generic platforms such as FaceTime, Photos and contacts.

There were also the editing apps FaceTune and Snow along with publications such as TMZ and Daily Mail.

Many more people in the comments hailed the reality star a "queen" after seemingly highlighting Wattpad, a home for original fiction.

Signal was also spotted on the phone screen, an encrypted messaging service for instant messaging, voice, and video calls.


The clip has since racked up over 6.4 million views and thousands more comments.

"Signal app is the only app we trust in the PR world," one person wrote, while another added: "NOT KIM HAVING WATTPAD."

A third comment read: "Her having TMZ and Daily Mail on the first screen is so real of her."

"Listen I fully came into this not caring, and left with a fire in my belly. you keep up this Kontent and I will lay offerings at your altar," another TikToker joked.


brought myself out of sleuth retirement for this one. #kimkardashian

Meanwhile, others weren't so sold on the clip with some suggesting the TikToker needed to "touch grass," a Gen Z phrase to encourage people to go outside and live their lives.

"Wow, people have time on their hands," another chimed in.

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