KSI claims that Asda workers are selling Prime drink on the 'black market'

KSI claims that Asda workers are selling Prime drink on the 'black market'
KSI comes face-to-face with his Madame Tussauds wax figure
Madame Tussauds

KSI has spoken about his Prime Hydration energy drink, claiming that Asda employees are selling the product on the black market.

The YouTuber has teamed up with Logan Paul to launch the drink, which was first launched in the US back in January.

Despite being priced at £2 per bottle, it’s been spotted on Ebay being sold for many times that amount after launching in the UK.

When asked why it was always sold out and therefore difficult to buy, KSI claimed that Asda workers were taking them for their own financial gain instead of putting it out on the shelves.

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Speaking on The Fellas podcast, which has resurfaced due to a report in Dexerto, he said: “It’s always sold out man. Honestly, people are selling it on the black market.

“I sh** you not, the only place you’re meant to get Prime is Asda and Arsenal stadium. But people are getting it at petrol stations.”

The REAL Reason You Can't Buy PRIMEwww.youtube.com

The 29-year-old added: “Asda employees aren’t even f***ing putting it on the shelves anymore. They’re shipping it out lowkey. They’re like ‘what’s the point, I put it on the shelf and it’s gone instantly. F*** it, I’m just going to sell it on the black market myself.'”

He added: “That’s what they’re doing bro, and then people are making p’s from it because you can’t get it anywhere. It’s not like we’re not supplying enough, we’re supplying loads.”

Asda responded to our comment request by saying it has not seen any evidence of colleagues buying stock.

"It is a very popular product and we are receiving regular deliveries to stores which are stocking it," a spokesperson added.

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