Kylie Jenner is pregnant and everyone is making the same joke

Getty Images/ Nicholas Hunt/ Staff; Twitter/ @ellaceron

It can be hard to keep up with the Kardashians.

All those weddings, divorces and pregnancies of Kourtneys, Kendalls and Kims.

Thankfully, devotees to the famous family have taken it upon themselves to inform everyone and anyone of Kylie Jenner's first pregnancy, first reported yesterday evening.

For some, the pregnancy is a matter of family.

While others might see their office email privileges taken away pretty soon.

All of us knowone person - or ten - who seems to have Kardashian knowledge directly beamed into their skull.

Not everyone is satisfied with the constant media coverage - they want more.

Theories on how the news leaked are emerging.

Some have smartly hijacked the news to spread more important information.

Among us are those jealous of an unborn child.

But there is a silver lining for all.

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