This message board for greedy landlords may be the worst website on the internet

A very evil landlord indeed
A very evil landlord indeed

Podcaster Tony Wagner claims to have found the worst site on the internet and it's hard to disagree with him: a message board on which landlords come together to gloat about taking advantage of their tenants.

Wagner posted some screenshots on Twitter taken from BiggerPockets.com with unpleasant remarks being made by 'Barry Homeowners' about the renters whose accounts they hungrily clean out and whose deposits they take a sadistic relish in halving.

One misanthrope in Michigan gleefully recounted an incident in which he had told a prospective client he would require three times the monthly rent for a down payment and laughed when the caller hung up in disgust, observing:

I had a guy call yesterday who asked me what my requirements are. Nine times out of ten, people who ask this are losers and have been rejected over and over.

Another servant of humanity wondered aloud how far he could push his rip-off artistry.

Beside of late fees, what kind of fees can I legally charge in tenant in NY (Buffalo)?

This parasite logged on to find out if there was any way he could duck out of having to call pest control when his renters suffered an arachnid infestation.

My tenant who complains about a lot of things is saying that her kids are being bit by spiders and she wants me to do something about it... Can someone tell me if this is my responsibility?

And this heartless monster makes a point of coming over to the property when he knows his lodgers will be at work to let their pets out.

I have often given 24 hr notices to inspect, check smoke alarms etc. when I suspect a pet has shown up at a property... inevitably the pet gets out assuming they have not removed it from the property for the day.

The reaction to Wagner's viral post was every bit as angry as you might expect, with some users visiting the site to find their own horror entries and several invoking the purges of Chairman Mao in communist China.

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