Larry David has explained why he was plugging his ears at New York Fashion Week

Larry David has explained why he was plugging his ears at New York Fashion Week

Larry David made the headlines last month after he was spotted plugging his ears during a runway show at New York Fashion Week and now he’s revealed the reason why.

The comedian, who isn’t exactly the biggest fan of fashion (so much so that he refused to be styled when gracing the cover of GQ), went on Jimmy Kimmel to discuss what exactly he was doing in the now-viral photo.

“You don’t seem to be having a great time,” Kimmel said as the audience laughed. “You actually seem to be scared and plugging your ears.”

But David was able to provide a pretty simple explanation.

“It was very noisy,” he told Kimmel.

Given the 74-year-old’s disinterest in the fashion world, it’s understandable that the loud music was perhaps out of his comfort zone.

“Let me explain how I wound up there,” David added. “My friend’s fiance is a great fashion designer, her name is STAUD (Sarah Staudinger, the founder of the LA-based brand), she’s a wonderful gal. He said to me that my presence would be helpful. I said, ‘My presence has never been helpful anywhere. Wherever I am, it’s wrong. Everything is better if I’m not there. Believe me’. So I showed up.”

He continued: “But, you know, me and a fashion show, it’s a little out of place. It was very loud music and that’s why I was covering my ears.”

Well, there you have it.

The comedian also made the headlines recently when he was pictured dining with actor Timothee Chalamet in New York.

It’s fair to say the internet lost their minds over this as they speculated what they were discussing and turned the photos of them into memes.

However, we’re sad to report that David didn’t provide an explanation for their hangout or reveal what they discussed, leaving fans to their theories.

Not to worry though, as season 11 of David’s series Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on October 24 on HBO.

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