‘The crossover I’ve been waiting for’: Timothée Chalamet and Larry David have lunch together and fans love it

‘The crossover I’ve been waiting for’: Timothée Chalamet and Larry David have lunch together and fans love it

In a crossover that took the internet by surprise, Timothee Chalamet was spotted having lunch with Larry David – and fans are loving what is perhaps one of the coolest and most unexpected celebrity friendships that we’ve seen.

The actor, 25, and the comedian, 74, were photographed having lunch together on earlier this week at Sant Ambroeus in New York City and, naturally, social media went crazy for the snaps – especially since the pair seemed to be having a whale of a time in each other’s company.

Also at the al fresco meet-up was David’s 25-year-old daughter, Romy, along with another guest. There were what looked to be espresso martinis at the table.

Images of the rendezvous soon went viral online as one fan posted the photos and jokingly wrote: “Gonna tell my kids this was Rick and Morty” – comparing the pair to the main characters from the adult animated science fiction sitcom.

People seem to agree with the comparison, as the tweet received nearly 100,000 likes.

It led to fans sharing their thoughts on the A-list friendship while also guessing how on earth the duo met and what they were discussing together in the photos.

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Many shared their enthusiasm for the pair’s friendship, describing it as “crossover I’ve been waiting my entire life for” and “the absolute perfect celebrity sighting”.

While others simply wanted to understand how the actor and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator crossed paths and became friends – and what were they talking about? So many questions...

Elsewhere, some think that David is what Chalamet will look like when he’s older.

The unexpected showbiz friendship even seems to have inspired one fan’s Halloween costume idea for this year too.

This meet-up isn’t the only reason David made the news recently.

Photos of him at New York Fashion Week show him plugging his ears, seemingly unimpressed by the loud music booming on the runway.

Jared Leto and Larry David attend the STAUD runway show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Spring Studios on September 12, 2021 in New York CityGetty Images for NYFW: The Shows

David is the gift that keeps on giving and we are here for it.

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