Lewis Capaldi’s response to having things thrown at him on tour is all kinds of iconic

Lewis Capaldi’s response to having things thrown at him on tour is all kinds of iconic

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Lewis Capaldi

Once again, “Someone You Loved” singer Lewis Capaldi is proving that if he wasn’t an incredible musician, he could probably make it as a hilarious stand-up comedian – after someone threw the Scottish artist a bra during his show in Leeds on Saturday.

Capaldi is currently touring the UK ahead of the release of his second album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, which follows his debut record Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (yes, they rhyme) in 2019.

In a video shared on his social media channels on Tuesday, the 26-year-old can be seen holding and examining a blue bra, before he was met with chants of “put it on”.

Always one to be a bit silly, he tilted his head as if to say “why not”, adding: “This is padded, someone out there is a f***ing liar.”

He then went on to manoeuvre the bra over his white and cream jacket, before telling the audience: “When I imagined the opening night of my sell-out arena tour, this is what I was thinking.”

“Here I am your favourite heartthrob,” the BRIT Award-winning songwriter wrote in the video’s caption, adding a comment underneath the post to stress he is a “serious musician”.

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Never change, Lewis.

And it wasn’t just the crowd who loved it, as many branded the Scot a “legend” in the replies on Instagram.

Singer Callum Beatie responded: “What a hero. Always put a smile on my face, Lewis.”

“Slay honestly,” commented musician Au/Ra.

Another user, who was in the crowd, confirmed: “I can say, I saw this first hand and was not disappointed.”

Meanwhile, a TikTok video from Capaldi revealed it wasn’t just bras which were being chucked his way, as he also received a pair of pants during his Sheffield show which read “call for a fun time, big boy”.

Again, he was more than happy to wear them.

“Are you f***ing happy now,” he asked the crowd, before posing and showing them off.

The self-proclaimed "Scottish Beyoncé" continued: “These are going to come in handy because these are very white trousers, right? And I’ve been known to s**rt every once in a while, so I could use these as a sort of like… a rag or just a second pair.”

Finally, in scenes which weren’t shared in a video by Capaldi (though probably for good reason), one Twitter user remarked: “The highlight of Lewis Capaldi tonight was the 8-year-old girl asking her mum what f***y juice was.”

“I’m going to hell,” Capaldi replied.

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