Lindsay Lohan posted her first TikTok to tell people they're incorrectly pronouncing her name

Lindsay Lohan recreates iconic scene from 'The Parent Trap' on TikTok

Apparently, we've been pronouncing Lindsay Lohan's name wrong this whole time.

The "Mean Girls" actress and 2000s celeb icon has officially joined TikTok, and her first video is already having fans spiraling.

In her inaugural TikTok, which was posted earlier this month, Lohan announced that she had joined the social media app.

"Hey everyone, it's Lindsay Lohan, and now I'm on TikTok!" she says in the video.

Although fans were (understandably) excited for LiLo to join TikTok, there's one part of the clip that stuck out to viewers: Lindsay Lohan pronounces her name way differently than we've been saying it.

Whole many people have believed that the star's name was pronounced "Lindsay Low-HAN," it turns out it's actually said as "Lindsay Lowen" which says in the video.

Check it out for yourself:


I’m on Tiktok Now! 🥰 #imontiktoknow

Naturally, our minds are blown as it's been over a decade that we've been incorrectly referring to this woman!

Cue mental breakdown from Lindsay Lohan fans everywhere in 3, 2, 1...

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"u pronounced ur name wrong," wrote one person on TikTok.

"i just saw a video of Lindsay Lohan pronouncing her name Lindsay Lowen and not Lindsay LowHan I cannot believe this," wrote one person.

"my whole life’s been a lie…" said another person.

"just heard lindsay lohan pronounce her last name and i’m actually pissed ur gonna tell me it’s lo-in and not lo-han in 2022," wrote one person.

Another person said: "Can’t believe Lindsay Lohan let us pronounce her name wrong this whole time."

"You mean to tell me that we’ve all been saying lindsay lohan’s last name wrong this entire time?? why didn’t she say anything omfg," read one tweet.

One fan was particularly distraught at the recent news that multiple celebs pronounce their name differently than originally believed.

"am i just like saying EVERY celebrities name wrong? first alicia silverstone… then taylor lautner… and now lindsay lohan. wow," they wrote.

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