Lizzo tries TikTok trend of mustard on a  watermelon —and this was her verdict
Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

Don’t yuck someone’s yum, right?

The Grammy-winning musical artist Lizzo tried one of TikTok’s latest unconventional food trends, —but she wasn’t impressed by it.

The artist (whose real name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson) posted a video to the platform of her trying out an odd food pairing which involved slathering French’s yellow mustard on a slice of watermelon.

Lizzo was reportedly inspired to try the peculiar combination after seeing a clip from a guy who goes by @yayayayummy. He described it as “tangy and vinegary” and says the condiment “matches well with the watermelon’s sweet juiciness.

In a stitched video that has now been viewed 22 million times, Lizzo can be seen getting out of bed, then heading to her fridge to get a watermelon that she cuts up into slices.

Watermelon slices.Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

Then you see the songwriter sitting in front of the watermelon as she asks, “is it bussin’ or is it disgusting,” while drizzling the mustard over the watermelon and taking a bite.

Lizzo drizzling the mustard over the watermelon.Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

Lizzo is about to take a bite.Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

Eating the mustard and watermelon combination.Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

Immediately after, she looks a bit confused and disgusted as she says she doesn’t “understand” the flavor before adding more mustard and taking another bite.

Lizzo looking a bit confused and disgusted.Photo courtesy of @lizzo/TikTok

At the end of the clip, she has the same expression on her face - as she seemed to be thoroughly grossed out by what she ate.

People in the comments of her video were intrigued.

“Upset I finished my watermelon the other day. I’m so curious now,” a commenter wrote.

Someone else in the comments believed that this was something that someone would try if they had the “munchies,” but there isn’t much food around.

“It sounds like someone who was high and only had those two ingredients left in their fridge... So they just went for it.”

Others in the comments gave her other food pairing suggestions.

“Okay but please try peanut butter jelly and pickles, it’s so good.”

“You have to try watermelon and cinnamon!!! Trust me, it’s BUSSIN!!!!” said TikTok food influencer Janelle Rohner.

Maybe the artist will try these other suggestions out. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try something once.

Check out Lizzo’s full TikTok video here.

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