Logan Paul films POV footage as he jumps off top rope in …

YouTuber Logan Paul and the controversial figure Andrew Tate have had a rocky relationship in the past and it seems the urge to fight one another is even seeping into Paul’s subconscious as he revealed he had a vision about fighting his rival.

Social media star-turned-fighter Paul has been calling for former kickboxing world champion Tate to fight him for a while and said in a podcast he envisioned that he defeated him in the MMA cage.

Speaking to host Jeff Wittek on the podcast Jeff FM, Paul opened up about the vivid vision he had of the moment.

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Paul said: “I had this vision this morning, real vivid in my head. Me and Andrew Tate finally did it, we finally signed up for an MMA fight. I'm coming in hot, fast - I had this dream, I choked him out in 15 seconds, I'm not kidding, 15 seconds.

“And then, in this vision, I stood up, I looked up at him and I was almost disappointed for him because I think that's what would happen. I think I'd destroy him quick and then be like 'that was the Top G, that was the guy?' You know what I did? I grabbed the fence and I didn't move.

“Then he tried to come in super hot and I just took his back, choked him out and it just took me 15 seconds. I even went to the social afterwards and there's like a picture of me pointing at him with a look of confusion on my face and the caption would be 'the real Top G'. I play all these scenarios out in my head.”

In the podcast appearance, Paul also opened up about Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate and spoke about Andrew becoming a controversial figure for misogynistic comments.

But, according to Logan’s brother Jake Paul, who has spent time with the two, has suggested the controversy is an “act”.

He revealed: “I was just talking to Jake about this because he was just with him in Dubai. Apparently it's a f**king act, bro – it's a show.

“Look, we all come in this room and it's a show, an amplified version of ourselves. Jake said his brother Tristan is a good, solid, more down to Earth type of guy in real life.”

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