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Jamie Jewitt, one of the stars of the reality TV show Love Island has spoken out about unrealistic images of models used in commercial photography.

Speaking to The Times, Jewitt said '99.9' per cent of modelling photos have been doctored, creating an impossible idea of beauty.

Jewitt, who has posed for brands like Calvin Klein, said that commercial photos were 'not even a real person'.

On the subject of his own photos Jewitt told The Times:

Any advertisement you do, they’ll make your skin look perfect.

Everything’s so edited.

You do any advertisement, they’re all going to be highly Photoshopped.

In the interview, Jewitt also referenced the case of deaf model Simone Botha Welgamoed, whose cochlear implant was airbrushed out of an advert for Virgin Active.

Jewitt called the incident, for which Virgin Active apologised:

a brutal example of the media’s requirements of aesthetic perfection.

Jewitt added that photos that have been altered or touched up should be marked 'edited'.

In France, advertisers face a hefty fine if they fail to make clear a model's body has been altered digitally, a system that Jewitt argued could work in Britain.

The law in France was only introduced in October.

According to The Daily Telegraph, breach of the law leads to a penalty of €37,500 or 30 per cent of the cost of creating the advert.

HT The Times, The Daily Telegraph

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