Best Lucille Bluth moments as fans pay tribute to Arrested Development icon Jessica Walter

Arrested Development fans have bid farewell to an icon following the death of the show’s matriarch Jessica Walter.

Walter became a titan of the screen thanks to her masterful portrayal of Lucille Bluth – the Chanel-clad icy queen of day drinking, with not the faintest idea of how much a banana really costs.

Since news of her death, at the age of 80, emerged on Thursday night, tributes have flooded in to the Emmy Award-winning actress.

And while she’s also known for a host of other roles, including the voice of Malory Archer in the animated series Archer, she will always be remembered, first and foremost, as Lucille.

Here, we take a look at some of her best bits, courtesy of Twitter.

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Some fans shared reels of her highlights:

While others honed in on their favourite individual moments:

Of course, many reminisced on that infamous chicken dance:

But others recognised that sometimes just a scowl or wink made her the star of the scene:

RIP, Jessica and Lucille. The world will miss you both.

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