Mark Thornberry

In June 2017, Mark Thornberry was told that he would most likely be dead by March after his liver cancer became terminal.

Yet, five months on from March, not only is Mark still going strong, he has been raising money for charity via his passion of ultra-running - and this weekend he will partake in a 145-mile run.

The purpose of this epic jog is to help raise enough funds to that will finance vital research into early detection of the disease, which will help others in a similar position to Mark.

Just a few months after his diagnosis, Mark went public on social media and announced his intentions to run in the race, which will take him from Whitehaven dock in the North West to Tynemouth castle on the adjacent coast of the UK.

Mark has already raised more than £80,000 for the King's College Hospital Charity Fund. In his own words Mark explains his challenging journey, so far and how he plans to conquer the gruelling race.

Picture: Mark Thornberry

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