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Married life isn't the walk in the park that some would make it out to be but under no circumstances should someone feel like they are being put under pressure or controlled by their other half.

This brings us to a recent thread on Reddit which has caused some debate on the social media site. It relates to a man who had been texting his female friend who had just gotten married.

His brother objected to him continuing to have a friendship with the woman, implying that even though his sibling is gay, that he might break up the marriage.

The brother added that when he gets married that he would impose 'strict rules' on his future spouse preventing her from texting any men and he wouldn't text any women, even if they were friends before their wedding.

This led him to call out his brother for making such an ignorant comment but their mother felt he was in the wrong for doing so, which prompted him to share the story in the infamous 'Am I the A**hole' subreddit.

Unsurprisingly, the Reddit community was overwhelmingly on his side, supporting in him in calling out his brothers toxic statement.

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