Margot Robbie reveals generous gift for her mother once career took off

Margot Robbie reveals generous gift for her mother once career took off
Margot Robbie hopes people "form an opinion" of 'Barbie' - even if …

Margot Robbie has revealed the generous gift she gave her mother once her career started taking off.

The Barbie actress secured her first acting role in 2008 on the Australian series Neighbours. It wasn't until she moved to America that she was offered the role of Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street at the age of 23.

The actress told CBS: "Everything I owed my mum, I had it written down. She’d take money out of the, like, house mortgage [to] lend me money. So I always knew, I was like, 'I gotta pay that back.'"

"And then one day, when I made enough money, I just paid that whole mortgage off completely."

She told her mother not to worry about the mortgage as it no longer existed.

"Anyone in my position, you’d do that for your mum. Of course, you would," she continued.

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Robbie and her mother Sarie Kessler appeared in Vogue Australia together back in 2019, where she opened up about the moment she discovered her daughter wanted to be an actress.

"I really admired the way you set about deciding how your future was going to unfold. I remember the first time you told me you were going to be an actor in grade 12," Sarie said.

She continued, "Do you remember doing that movie? You loved it so much and you came home and said: ‘Mum, you’re not going to like this, but I’ve decided I’m going to be an actor.’ And Margot, my jaw hit the floor because you were at a really good school."

Robbie was a self-confessed "dramatic child", after once faking her own death because she didn't like her babysitter.

"I got a big kitchen knife and the ketchup and I lay sprawled out naked on the tiles, covered myself in ketchup and put the kitchen knife," she said. "And I waited for like 45 minutes for her to find me. But, it was worth the wait."

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