Accidentally Gave Crypto Buyer $10.5 Million Instead on $100
Video, the cryptocurrency company that hired Matt Damon as a frontman for its Super Bowl commercial last year, accidentally sent $10m to an Australian woman - and now they want it back.

According to, the woman used the money to purchase a mansion for her sister in Melbourne, according to a report. initially intended to send a $100 refund to Thevamanogari Manivel in May 2021.

However, the outlet reported that the firm “erroneously transferred” $10,474,143 to Manivel, who divided the money among six other people, including her daughter and her sister.

While in a routine audit seven months later, the company realised the error they had made, and they went to court to try and get the money back.

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“Extraordinarily, the Plaintiffs allegedly did not realize this significant error until some seven months later, in late December 2021,” James Elliot, the Victorian Supreme Court judge, wrote in a court ruling. did sue Manivel and the six others who obtained the funds.

Last Friday (26 August), the company was victorious in a court ruling that ordered the defendants to repay every single dime and to cover the legal expenses incurred. This also included a 10 per cent interest, valuing $27,369.64.

Manivel had used some of the money to buy a four-bedroom, four-bathroom house valued at $1.35m in Melbourne as a gift to her sister, Thilagavathy Gangadory, the court papers said. filed the court papers in February and managed to freeze Manivel’s account.

Still, a majority of the money had been dispersed to Gangadory and the five others named in the legal filing.

Since Gangadory’s name was listed as a registered owner of the home, asked the courts to freeze her bank accounts.

A judge had also ordered that the home be sold, and the proceeds received would be reimbursed to

Gangadory had no choice but to sell the house while also being required to pay interest on the money taken. hasn’t been able to reach Manivel and the others involved about the remaining funds.

Indy100 reached out to for comment.

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