Meet Britain's most hated cyclist

Meet Britain's most hated cyclist

The most hated man on two wheels?

Armed with three cameras and a mission to record the misdemeanours of Britain’s motorists, 37-year-old Dave Sherry wears this accolade with pride – with the footage he’s caught resulting in 70 convictions.

Another anti-engine warrior?

Not quite. Mr Sherry is a London bus driver – and it’s on his 40-mile round trip from Essex to his bus station in east London that he practises his particular kind of vigilantism. “It might be strange that I’m also a bus driver too but I’m just trying to make a difference,” he said.

What inspired this camera’d crusade?

One too many near-misses. “Someone hit the back of my bike and the police said they couldn’t do anything because it’s my word against them,” he said of an incident two and a half years ago. “That spurred me on, so I went and got my cameras.”

So he’s well kitted out?

He is, strapping a grand’s worth of recording devices to his bike for his daily ride. He also wears £80 body armour for protection against motorists and dresses head to toe in fluorescent clothing. He carries nine spare batteries and his £2,000 carbon fibre MEkk 2G bike is equipped with a £200 Garmin computer allowing him to record the time and location of each traffic violation.

And these 70 convictions…

Using Mr Sherry’s footage, police and local councils have reprimanded a host of poor drivers for offences including speeding, overtaking too close and running red lights.

“I do what I do because I want to make our roads safer for everyone,” he said, adding: “If people followed the Highway Code there would be so many fewer accidents and casualties.”

Drivers beware

Indeed. As Mr Sherry himself puts it: “If I catch you, you are going to be very, very sorry”.

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