Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s new movie just got destroyed by critics – these are the most brutal roasts

<p>The power couple’s new thriller recieved a shocking rating of 14 per cent </p>

The power couple’s new thriller recieved a shocking rating of 14 per cent

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Social media may be obsessed with the iconic power couple, Megan Fox and American rapper, Machine Gun Kelly – but their new movie, not so much.

Released on July 23, Midnight in the Switchgrass’ synopsis describes the thriller as:

‘Two FBI agents (Fox and Willis) cross paths with Crawford (Hirsch), a Florida cop who’s investigating a string of murders that appear to be related. When an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Crawford soon finds himself in a twisted game of cat and mouse with the killer.’

Film critic Mark Hanson described the movie as “virtually indistinguishable from the scores of cheap VOD action thrillers” in Slant Magazine. While Lovia Gyarkye of The Hollywood Reporter stated the film was “poorly plotted” with an “agonizingly acted directorial debut.”

“The movie, which bills itself as a crime-thriller-mystery, doesn’t come close to fulfilling even the lowest of expectations; it neither takes its characters seriously nor commits to its superficial attempt at topicality”, the arts and culture critic said.

Ben Kenigsberg of The New York Times, meanwhile, called the movie “sordid and derivative” before saying: “Clearly, no one even bothered to proofread the onscreen text.” He bluntly stated there was a “sleazy atmosphere” throughout: “The atmosphere is thoroughly sleazy without being distinctive, and everything about the movie - the emotionless line readings, the half-baked backstories - exudes a terse functionality.”

“With a cumbersome title that will hardly attract many viewers, ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’ proves a sensationalistic piece of serial-killer pulp marked by poor writing, clumsy direction and indifferent acting”, Frank Swietek of One Guy’s Opinionwrote.

Blu-ray.com’s Brian Orndorf described it as “a whole lot of nothing going on” with a “terrible dialogue. He said: “There’s a whole lot of nothing going on in the movie, which barely puts in the effort to create psychological profiles for its characters, with Emmett getting more of a charge out of terrible dialogue and flat performances.”

Other viewers were not impressed with the “terrible” movie, which resulted in a shocking Rotten Tomatoes rating of just 14 per cent.

Their relationship started back in 2008 when an 18-year-old Colson Baker (now Machine Gun Kelly) had a poster of Fox on his bedroom wall. Fast-forward to March 2020, and the pair met for the first time on set while filming a movie in Puerto Rico, Midnight in the Switchgrass.

When director Randall Emmett told Fox that MGK had also been cast in the movie, the actress felt that “some wild sh*t was going to happen to [her] from that meeting.”

Taking to the podcast, Give Them Lala... With Randall, Fox saidd: “ I just felt it like, deep in my soul — that something was going to come from that.”

The pair hit it off straight away. Just two days into filming, the actress invited MGK into her trailer for an astrological reading, “I went deep right away. I knew before I even did his chart, I said to him, he has a Pisces moon. I could tell by his energy”, she said.

In June 2020, the pair confirmed their relationship to the public. Though, there were building speculations, which were later confirmed by MGK’s tweet earlier this year.

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