Meghan Markle lookalike told 'she shouldn't be proud to look like her'

Meghan Markle curtsying scene in Suits

A woman has opened up about her experiences of trolling online after saying she'd been compared to Meghan Markle in a viral video.

TikTok user Sidney Beckles posted a clip which has been viewed more than 650,000 times - and it's not hard to see why she's been called a lookalike of the Duchess of Sussex by some.

Only, for Beckles, the comparison hasn’t always been made in a favourable light by commentators online.

The 21-year-old has spoken about the mean messages she has received, which are often sent as if intended for Markle herself.

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Speaking to NeedToKnow.Online, Beckles said that she has received comments such as “She’s an evil person,” “Wouldn’t be proud of that” and “Poor you, people will think you are a liar, too.”

“Most of the hate is directed at Meghan specifically, and just telling me that I shouldn’t be proud to look like her,” she added.


I’m really rinsing this look alike thing now🥴 #fyp #lookalike #meghanmarkle

While she does get messages from trolls, Beckles added: “Generally, people say good things, with the most common one online being: ‘Wow, I thought this was Meghan Markle’ or ‘You look just like Meghan Markle, she’s beautiful.’ And this is similar in person.”

On whether she sees the resemblance herself, she went on to say: “I think at some angles I look like her if my hair is straightened, but in general, I never really think I do – unless someone points it out. I find we have similar facial features, specifically our smiles.”


Whether or not she thinks the pair look alike, it has its benefits.

When asked about the positive experiences she’s had because of the perceived likeness, she said: “My friends and I got free drinks because people were convinced that we were related – it’s very funny.”

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