The Golden Globes awards ceremony on Sunday highlighted activism against gender inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace.

Oprah gave an impassioned speech about discrimination, harassment and female leadership, which was interpreted by some as an early 2020 Presidential bid.

Broadcaster and comedian Jimmy Kimmel discussed the speech the following night with veteran actor Meryl Streep.

Streep said:

Oprah launched her presidential campaign, I think.

She continued that she wouldn't be against the notion and even suggested a Hollywood White House:

Somebody from the stage [mentioned] Tom Hanks, and he seemed ready to go. That would be a pretty good ticket. … You could just keep it in Hollywood, you know, you could have The Rock as the joint chief of staff, Harrison Ford running defence.

Streep also told a spellbinding tale of Mariah Carey, and how she stole her seat.

Bitch stole my seat!

Yeah I came over and there she was next to [Steven] Spielberg sucking up. She said, ‘Oh my god they made me sit down!’

Because you know we’re moving they make you - everyone has to drop to their seat.

I was left out. I said, ‘No, no. Stay there. I’ll sit on your lap.’

Because you know it looked comfy.

Mariah Carey tweeted about the exchange:

Still, that's one hell of a moment for Tom Hanks to walk in on, martinis-in-hand.

Watch the interview here:

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