Michael B Jordan praised for graciously handling someone who 'called him corny'

Michael B Jordan praised for graciously handling someone who 'called him corny'
Michael B. Jordan says he wants to be 'responsible' with his next …

Michael B Jordan has been praised for calling out someone he claimed once called him "corny".

The Creed actor and director took to the red carpet where he had a brief interview with Morning Hustle host Lore’l.

She also co-hosts a podcast called Undressing Room where she claimed to have gone to school with the star and admitted to poking fun at him because of his name. In a January episode, she called Jordan "a nice, corny guy".

"We go way back, all the way back to Chad Science [Academy] in Newark," she said to Jordan, to which he hit back: "Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?"

The interviewer laughed off his comments, before claiming she was "misquoted" – but Jordan insisted he heard her loud and clear.

"No you did not hear me say that! I said we used to make fun of the name," she continued, before swiftly changing the subject. "But yeah, he is obviously killing things out here."

After discussing Jordan's upcoming Creed III, Lore’l concluded the interview by saying: "Well, you’re not corny anymore."

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The footage was soon shared to Twitter and was soon flooded with comments from people in awe of the way he handled the situation.

"He didn’t even rub it in and still gave her a decent interview. much respect," one fan penned, while another said they felt the "second-hand embarrassment" on her behalf.

"I love it, she probably done told 100 friends they cool and went to school together. Now they see this video and now she’s corny," a third wrote.

Meanwhile, one Twitter user added: "If massive success is the best form of revenge was a video this would be it"

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