Miriam Margolyes says Matt Hancock is an 'appalling adulterous creep'

Miriam Margolyes says Matt Hancock is an 'appalling adulterous creep'
Miriam Margolyes says Matt Hancock is an 'appalling adulterous creep'

Miriam Margolyes has not held back with her assessment of Matt Hancock.

The actress appeared on The Six O'Clock Show where she was asked to give her views on the former health secretary joiningI'm A Celebrity, something that led him to having his whip suspended from him.

Immediately, she unleashed a tirade of criticism about the politician, and even questioned why a person would want to be his "lover".

"What a vile personality!" she said. "What an appalling adulterous creep."

"And why we have him on our televisions I don't know" she continued. "I don't know why he was thought of a proper person to entertain.

"He's a vile human being. He nearly destroyed our national health service, he sent loads of people with Covid, old ladies, back into their care homes.

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"I think he's a detestable, vile, puny individual. How anybody can let him be their lover I don't know. I think he's vile and I think the same of most of that government.

Hancock will join the series and he has been widely criticised for doing so given parliament is sitting. However he claims he is going on the show to reach wider mainstream audiences and raise awareness of certain issues.

A spokesperson for Hancock said: "The second reading of Matt's Dyslexia Screening and Teacher Training Bill is just days after I'm A Celeb finishes. This is an amazing opportunity for Matt to raise the profile of his dyslexia campaign and to talk about an issue he really cares about in front of millions of people."

Say what you really think, Miriam.

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