Influencer Morgan Osman becomes the new Tiffany Gomas with 'Instagram famous' plane rant

Influencer Morgan Osman becomes the new Tiffany Gomas with 'Instagram famous' plane rant
Influencer's American Airlines meltdown: 'I'm Instagram famous you f--king bum!'
New York Post / VideoElephant

An influencer has been publicly shamed for boasting about her dubious celebrity status during a furious rant.

Morgan Osman, 35, from Miami Florida, was filmed in the midst of a heated exchange with fellow passengers on board an American Airlines flight when she touted her “star” credentials.

The video shows Osman pulling a suitcase from an overhead locker as she tells a man off-camera “Call me a b***h again.”

“I did nothing wrong,” she then argues before telling the man and “[his] b***h” to “shut the f**k up”.

Walking down the aisle, she spots the flyer who’s recording her and fumes sarcastically: “Film me, I’m Instagram famous, you f**king bum.”

Her behaviour was met with mocking laughs from onlookers and ridicule on social media after the video was uploaded to Reddit and Twitter/X.

Viewers were quick to point out that they’d never heard of the fashionista who has some 967,000 Insta followers.

However, at the time of writing, her account on the platform was “no longer available”.

“Lmfao at Instagram famous,” one Twitter/X user wrote. “I’m going to start telling people I’m Monopoly rich.”

“What’s great about this new plane lady discourse is that she says ‘STFU, I’m Instagram famous” while in Economy,” another pointed out. “Instagram isn’t Real Life. Oops.”

The 35-year-old is perhaps best known for appearing on season 5 of the US reality TV show The Bad Girls Club. But, according to one fan site, she was swiftly booted off early on in the series for breaking into the producer’s room.

She also caused a stir for claiming to have secretly dated Britney Spears’s now-ex-husband Sam Asghari shortly after they began their relationship in 2017.

Osman's Instagram page largely consisted of scantily-clad selfies and snaps@queenmorganbritt/Instagram

Osman shared and quickly deleted a photo showing her locking lips with a man who resembled Asghari and said he was “using Britney”, the New York Postreports.

It’s not clear what prompted her viral plane altercation but it’s not the first time an American Airlines passenger has made headlines for jaw-dropping behaviour.

A woman who was later identified as Tiffany Gomas shot to internet notoriety for a bizarre outburst in which she uttered the now immortal words “that motherf**ker is not real.”

The 38-year-old marketing executive subsequently addressed her actions in a video statement, admitting that they were “completely unacceptable”.

However, she has also urged viewers to appreciate that “we all have our bad moments” and has since rebranded herself as a motivational mental health guru.

We’re all now waiting to see how Osman will respond now that she really is Instagram – and internet famous.

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