Is Tiffany Gomas or Jenna Wilson the name of the woman from the viral plane video?

Is Tiffany Gomas or Jenna Wilson the name of the woman from the viral plane video?

The search for the identity of the woman from the viral 'not real' airplane video continues to be a mystery and now social media accounts are either claiming to know her name or imitate her.

If you are not aware a few weeks ago a video of a woman on an American Airlines flight went viral after she appeared to freak out at a passenger sitting near her.

After leaving her seat, she ran down the aisle and yelled "that m**her f**ker back there is not real."

There has since been widespread speculation about who or what she was referring to with many people falsely claiming she was talking about a man in a green hoodie.

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Not only was that conspiracy not real we still don't know what she was talking about nor has anyone been able to identify who she actually is.

Now two names have emerged which has piqued people's interest: Tiffany Gomas and Jenna Wilson.

While neither of these are credible and are most likely fake personas attributed to the mystery woman it's worth explaining why people have latched onto these names.

Let's start with Gomas. A Twitter profile bearing that name, which has been active since July 2022, recently started tweeting on July 10th, days after the plane video had gone viral.

The account initially seemed to be engaging in the memes and jokes surrounding the woman but has doubled down on claims that it is indeed her. The account has claimed that the man in the green hoodie is not involved in her story and has also spread conspiracies about 'shape shifters.'

The account has gained just over 1000 followers since it started tweeting but the fact that all the tweets are about the plane incident, there are no tweets before July 10th and also doesn't follow any other accounts would suggest that it is a fake account just parodying the woman.

The other name is Jenna Wilson and has gained a lot of traction but this can easily be debunked. The name appears to have emerged thanks to a Twitter account parodying US attorney general Merrick Garland.

On July 12th the account wrote: "Jenna Wilson has been arrested and held without bail on Federal Hate Crime charges. This stems from an incident on an airline when she called a black passenger "not a real person." Our Department of Justice will never tolerate such discrimination and dehumanization."

This isn't real and the fact that the account has parody in its name should have indicated that this information was false. Worryingly the tweet has been shared more than 1000 times and liked more than 10,000.

With all this in mind, we are still unaware of who this woman is, what she was yelling about and what has happened to her as the only statement American Airlines have issued is that the flight from Fort Dallas Worth to Orlando was returned to gate because of a 'disruptive customer.'

A spokesperson from the airline said: "The flight was met at the gate by local law enforcement and the customer was removed from the flight. We thank our customers for their understanding and our team members for their professionalism in managing a difficult situation."

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