Tiffany Gomas totally rebrands herself after ‘not real’ plane meltdown

Tiffany Gomas totally rebrands herself after ‘not real’ plane meltdown
"That Mother F****er is Not Real" | The Internet Reacts to Viral …

The woman who broke the internet by launching into a flummoxing rant aboard an American Airlines (AA) flight is doing everything she possibly can to rebrand herself as a beacon of positivity.

Tiffany Gomas was widely christened the “crazy plane lady” after footage of her meltdown – during which she uttered the now immortal words “that motherf**ker is not real” – went viral online.

The 38-year-old marketing executive has since addressed her actions, admitting that they were “completely unacceptable”. However, she has also urged viewers to appreciate that “we all have our bad moments”.

And on Sunday, a week after sharing her tearful apology, she posted some groomed-but-relaxed photos of herself on Instagram, accompanied by the caption: “One moment doesn’t define you; but it can define your purpose.”

In the snaps, Gomas looks a far cry from the frazzled, scraped-bun-banshee on board that AA aircraft and, instead, shows off her long, flowing hair as she poses barefoot on her kitchen floor.

Emphasising her ambitions to become a motivational mental health guru, she added the hashtags: “#selflove #empowerment #motivation #staytuned.”

The “stay tuned” refers to a project she has been promoting ever since sharing her public apology.

She Texas-based exec insists that she wants to use the “life-altering” experience of becoming an internet personality to “do a little bit of good in the world” and has hinted that she’d like to become an influencer.

Gomas ended her video message last week with the message: “Join me on my journey of promoting positive mental health and standing up against cyberbullying,” alongside a link to a new eponymous website.

So far, the only content on the site is that same video, and a message reading: “Stay tuned”.

It's Tiffany

Numerous admirers have commented on her recent photos, insisting she can’t possibly be “the same lady from the plane”.

However, the 38-year-old has held her hands up and explained that whilst it was, indeed, her, she should not be “judged” for a one-off slip-up.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, she said that in the wake of the incident, her life had “blown up”.

“It’s frightening,” she admitted: “Things go viral and everything changes.

“No one knows anyone else’s story, and no one should judge. No one knows what it’s like.”

In the notorious clip, Gomas stormed to the front of the plane and declared that she was getting off because “that motherf**ker back there is not real.”

“You can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to,” she yelled before being removed by members of the cabin crew.

Gomas flew into a rage following an argument with a relative, whom she accused of stealing her AirPods, according to police records reviewed byThe New York Post.

Because of her behaviour, passengers were forced to disembark Flight 1009 from Dallas to Orlando, before eventually being allowed to re-board – causing a delay of at least 3 hours, the US news outlet reported.

Gomas was issued a warrant for criminal trespass after police found her sitting outside the airport terminal waiting for an Uber, however, she was neither arrested nor charged.

Now, she clearly just wants to move on with her life. Onwards and upwards, eh, Tiff.

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