Why did MrBeast give Kai Cenat his credit card?

Why did MrBeast give Kai Cenat his credit card?
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Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has revealed how he plans to spend money on a credit card given to him by MrBeast, YouTube's most subscribed content creator and channel.

In June, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, teased he had finished shooting his "biggest video ever" featuring renowned online stars such as KSI, IShowSpeed, Logan Paul and loads more including Cenat.

The video has not been released yet.

At the end of his Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree marathon stream, where he got the help of a therapist to help him beat the final boss he was stuck on for around 50 hours, Cenat revealed how he planned to celebrate.

He showed MrBeast's credit card and said he would be spending it on his community while also matching every penny spent with his own.

"I asked MrBeast for his credit card and guess what I'm about to do?" he asked.

"Imma go back to the hood, I'm coppin' everybody mad s**t. I'm taking the credit card to the hood.

"Not only that, whatever money is on this credit card, I'm matching.

"There's a certain amount of money on this credit card that he gave me, right? And whatever is on here, I'm gonna match it. If it's a hundred, I'll match it."

MrBeast has had history of giving his credit card as a reward to influences before - in 2022, Chunkz got it as a reward for tapping out of a challenge video.

He then went on a shopping spree with Speed where he spent more than $120,000 on clothes and giving back to his subscribers.

Chunkz did not reach the limit - it's unknown just how much Cenat will have to play with.

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