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An entitled mum went on a bizarre racist rant when her sister-in-law refused to turn away paying customers to tutor her daughter.

Reddit user timberdogbarks posted screenshots of a conversation, apparently between her and the mum, in which she was asked to cancel appointments with clients to tutor her niece for free.

The conversation began like this… (misspelt words are left unedited)

Mum: “why can’t you just dump you Wednesday's lesson and free it for my daughter [sic]?”

To which, the Reddit user replied:

I told you the only days I can tutor Cassie are Tues&Thurs 5-6, if you can’t fit that window she’d have to join in with the rest.

I’m more than happy to help Cassie improve her grades because we’re family, but I’m not gonna ‘dump’ paying clients who have been with me for so long, causing me to lose money.

That response angered the mum, who immediately threatened to bring her brother (the Reddit user’s husband) into the argument and tell him “its your [the user’s] fault when she fails her class”.

Timberdogbarks then told the mum she was being unreasonable and that she was willing to tutor the niece for free but couldn’t drop paying clients.

That’s when the mum became more aggressive.

She said:

ok wtf are you trying to make me feel guilty for not paying you???

We're family don’t be rude and greedy (A SIN) Im willing to accept you coming to our house on Saturday morning at 8 to teach her.

Make sure to come 15min earlier to fix her breakfast cuz Saturdays we like to sleep till late and have her dressed and ready at 10 for grammy to pick her up and take her to hers.

So at this point, she’s just straight-up ordering the user to do childcare for her as well as tutoring.

Understandably, the user was not impressed and responded sarcastically: “Would you like me to mop the floors and clean the litter box when I finish?”

And with that comment, the mum had a full-blown racist meltdown.

She wrote:


Your humeliating me and insulting my family im gonna call my brother rn and hes gonna dump your m***rel ass you think youre above my family sitting on your pile of cash the richest b**** in the cemetery LEARN YOUR PLACE YOU HOUSE N*****

After reading the screenshots, other people on the website were rightly appalled and came to the user's support.

And if you’re wondering, the user said her husband sided with her completely.

He even saw the messages first-hand because he was there when they were written.

The user added that they wouldn’t be seeing the mum anymore and will cut her out of their life.

She wrote:

He [the husband] has given her many chances but what she did today crossed so many lines….

She's already blocked and we'll sit our kids later on today to explain what happened and why we're not gonna have a relationship with her anymore.

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