Neil DeGrasse Tyson responds to Demi Lovato’s viral claim saying space ‘aliens’ is derogatory term

Famed scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has decided to weigh in on Demi Lovato’s comment about extraterrestrials. Earlier this week, the singer made headlines after shutting down fan speculation about an upcoming single titled, “Aliens.”

“‘Alien’ is a derogatory term for anything, even extraterrestrials,” Lovato told E! News, “which is why I call them ETs.”

UFOs are a new venture for the singer, who currently executive produces and stars in the Peacock-exclusive docu-series Unidentified with Demi Lovato. The show follows Lovato, best friend Matthew Scott Montgomery, and sister Dallas, as they attempt to make contact with other life.

In an exclusive with TMZ, Tyson said: “All the aliens that I’ve ever met, they have no feelings.” The scientist insisted that Lovato has no need to worry about “offending them by calling them an alien” and insisted that human beings don’t know what “is going on in the head of species of life from another planet.”

Tyson went on to say: “When I refer to aliens — just to be specific — I always say ‘space aliens’. And then, what we used to call aliens on Earth — undocumented immigrants, that’s what the new term is for them, and I’m all in on that. … So what that means is — if we all do that — the only invocation of the word ‘alien’ is for creatures from outer space that want to kill us all.”

Earlier this month, Lovato told Kelly Clarkson about an encounter in which “three beings” appeared in their bedroom. Lovato has also claimed to have seen a glowing blue orb during a visit to Joshua Tree, calling it a “beautiful and incredible experience.”

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