Nick Cave admits he was 'extremely bored' and 'moved' at the Coronation

Nick Cave admits he was 'extremely bored' and 'moved' at the Coronation
In My Own Time: A Portrait Of Karen Dalton: Nick Cave

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave has given his thoughts on attending the King’s Coronation and it’s not exactly a glowing review.

On Saturday 6 May, Cave was among the 2,200 guests invited to attend King Charles III’s coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

The event was attended by other members of the royal family, politicians, foreign dignitaries, religious figures and celebrities, among others.

At the time, Cave defended his decision to attend, saying, “I am not a monarchist, nor am I a royalist, nor am I an ardent republican for that matter,” adding: “I hold an inexplicable emotional attachment to the Royals.”

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Now, in an interview with Channel 4 News, Cave has opened up about the event with a mixed review of the day.

He said: “I went along to the Coronation entirely out of curiosity and found the whole thing to be acutely interesting, to say the least.”

Cave continued, saying: “At sometimes I felt extremely bored, other times completely awestruck by the event, extremely moved by the music. Zadok the Priest was, you know, something from outer space.

“Kind of amused by what was going on, angered by what was going on. So it brought up a lot of different sorts of things.”

Many fans appreciated Cave’s honesty. One person wrote: “As a long-time fan, I'd recommend this. Nick Cave is never boring.”

Another said: “He's an absolute legend!”

At the Coronation, Nick Cave became a meme looking very out of place at the elitist event.

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