Nigel Farage says he will emigrate if Brexit goes badly


Nigel Farage has suggested he doesn't plan to stick around if Brexit goes badly.

On Monday night on his regular radio show, the former Ukip leader, who has reportedly been waiting to be offered some sort of position in relation to President Donald Trump's administration for months, said he would skip town if Brexit became an economic disaster.

If Brexit is a disaster I will go and live abroad. I will go and live somewhere else.

He later insisted that Brexit wouldn't be a disaster, which is not the same as saying he wouldn't leave:

It isn’t going to be a disaster. We've just managed to get ourselves in a lifeboat off the Titanic. 

The EU does not work.

It follows comments he made to the Telegraph, after the election of Donald Trump:

There is a huge temptation to up sticks and move to America.

There is but I am not going to do it because the Brexit process – despite Theresa May’s great speech this week – is not over yet.

I couldn’t contemplate living anywhere else in the world.

It is very tempting but it is not going to happen – I want to see this through.

Article 50 is set to be triggered on Wednesday.

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