Offset praised for his and Cardi B’s ‘Baby Shark’ film cameo

Offset praised for his and Cardi B’s ‘Baby Shark’ film cameo
Cardi B and Offset to guest star on Baby Shark's Big Show!
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Offset may have just found his new calling, as many fans have suggested.

The rapper and Cardi B recently featured in the new Baby Shark film alongside their two children Kulture and Wave.

Offset, playing OffShark in the children's film, was seen alongside Sharky B offering a fellow fish some advice.

"Don’t be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes," OffShark says in the viral clip that has since made rounds across TikTok. "Introducing the one and only incredible WavyShark. Our latest collab."

Fans soon flocked to the clip to praise him for his voice-acting skills.

"Offset sounds like he was made for this," one said, while another added: "Offset was BORN TO BE A DAMN STARRRRRR."

"What the hell offset is such a good voice actor," a third said.

Meanwhile, another fellow TikToker wrote: "Offset genuinely sounds like so many good characters in my childhood, he needs to do more voice acting!"


The family bag! #CardiB #Cardi #bardigang #offset #wave #kulture #Babyshark

While the new hit film, released on 8 December on Paramount Plus, shown the happy family, news recently broke that the pair had parted ways.

Cardi B has confirmed she is now single and has split from her husband following rumours that he allegedly cheated with Chrisean Rock.

The rapper was live on Instagram when she made the announcement, questioning if fans had picked up on 'clues' in her live streams and Story posts.

"I don't think it's true, I don't care to find out", she said of the 'cheating' allegations. "I've been single for a minute now...I just didn't know how to tell the world."

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