People added Robin Williams quotes to the Good Will Hunting bench

Following the death of Robin Williams aged 63 on Monday, a bench in a Boston park made famous by one of his most acclaimed roles has become a place for fans to leave tributes to the late actor.

Williams and Matt Damon sat on the bench in one of the most iconic scenes in Good Will Hunting, a film which Williams won the best supporting actor Oscar for his performance as Dr Sean Maguire.

The bench in Boston Public Garden has become a site of reflection again, with quotes from Williams's most-loved roles written in chalk.

The above photos were taken by Boston resident Nick Rabchenuk, who left flowers at the bench.

"I just hope people will leave thoughts about not only Robin Williams as an actor, and their favorite memories of him and his characters, but also thoughts about that particular scene, and how it speaks to people," he told BuzzFeed.

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