How garlic bread literally ruined Pete Kay's life

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For Peter Kay, one of his most memorable routines has transformed itself from a delicious garlicky treat into an albatross around his neck.

Back in the early 2000s when Peter Kay DVDs and Anchorman were all that you watched on rotation at your cooler friend's house, there was on bit that Kay was especially well known for.

The origins of garlic bread:

However, according to Kay himself, the bit is so popular that it now prevents him from getting the good stuff in the supermarket.

Appearing on the Jonathan Ross Show (another 2000s blast from the past) on Saturday, Kay said he cannot ask for garlic bread in supermarkets anymore.

As Kay notes, the two words are a bizarre catchphrase, seeing as it just a food.

Speaking on the Ross show, Kay said he recently was unable to find the treat in Morrisons.

I couldn't ask for it because I was mortified to say the words 'garlic bread' because they all would have said 'GARLIC BREAD'

Imagine not being able to get the golden baton of goodness.

Pray for Peter.

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