Piers Morgan vs. Donald Trump: Who came out on top?

Donald Trump brands Piers Morgan a 'fool' for accepting election result

Kicking off his new show Piers Morgan Uncensored, Piers Morgan interviewed former US President Donald Trump and promised a "sensational, jaw-dropping" interview on Monday night's episode - and it did not disappoint.

Morgan, 57, and Trump, 75, went head-to-head for a discussion about cancel culture, Hunter Biden's laptop, the January 6th insurrection, Putin, Ukraine, and more hot topics in the first part of the two-part interview.

The interview was highly anticipated after Morgan teased multiple clips of Trump seemingly storming off set out of anger.

The clips caused a bit of controversy on social media after GB News host Nigel Farage accused Morgan of editing the clips to seem more dramatic than they were.

It's no doubt the conversation between the two got heated at moments.

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Morgan calls Trump a "sore loser"

Morgan did not avoid being direct with Trump regarding his feelings toward the January 6 insurrection. Calling the former president a "sore loser", Morgan talked over Trump while accusing him of helping incite the insurrection.

Trump responded passionately, but each time the former president tried to blame the insurrection on the stolen election, Morgan interrupted to provide a new point, clearly angering Trump.

Trump calls Morgan a "fool" for believing the election was fair

Speaking on the insurrection and election, which Trump still maintains was stolen, the former president called Morgan "a fool" three times for believing President Joe Biden won fairly.

Trump says he is more honest than Morgan

It's no surprise Trump was not in a happy-go-lucky mood during the interview. Farage confirmed he had given Trump a dossier of negative comments Morgan made about the former president that potentially led Trump to be less friendly.

So, when asked about honesty, Trump did not hold back.

"I am a very honest man, much more honest than you actually," Trump fired at Morgan. When Morgan asked why he felt this way, Trump responded that he had no desire to "get into that" and asked Morgan to continue the interview.

How did viewers respond?

Many viewers felt that Morgan did a good job pressing the former president on controversial issues like the election and insurrection.

Other Trump supporters believed Morgan was trying to make the former president look bad.

But perhaps the most agreed-upon opinion was that both men were clearly extremely warm when filming the interview. Under the bright lights, it was clear to see both Morgan and Trump sweating.

The second half of the "explosive interview" is set to air tonight on TalkTv at 8 p.m. GMT.

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