The moment Piers Morgan storms off GMB set after controversial Meghan Markle ...
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Piers Morgan’s bizarre and tragic fixation on Meghan Markle is well-documented and, despite being pointed out to him many times how weird it is, he has continued.

His latest dig at the former royal who allegedly snubbed him after a night out many years ago came after the release of her first podcast episode from the new show Archetypes.

In the episode, Markle revealed that on a royal tour to South Africa when her son Archie was four and half months old, the heater in his bedroom caught fire.

Despite being extremely shaken by the thought of what could have happened, Markle and her husband Prince Harry were required to continue with their scheduled appearances

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You’d hope anyone with some empathy would be able to understand how a new mother might feel in that situation. But, it took Morgan less than four minutes after a news article about the podcast went up to bash Markle.

In a tweet, Morgan wrote: “He [Archie] wasn’t even in the room & nobody was harmed. Can you imagine the Queen whining about having to an (sic) an engagement in this circumstance?

“Markle’s victimhood knows no bounds, nor does her thirst to trash the royals whilst making $ from them. It’s shameless & pathetic.”

Unfortunately for Morgan, his tweet only reminded people how weirdly obsessed he is with Markle, especially considering how quickly he tweeted about her.

One person commented: “He wrote all that in less than 4 minutes of the original tweet posting. Piers deffo got notifications on for the word Markle.”

Another said: “It took you 3 minutes to reply to a tweet about Megan Markle. She lives in your head rent free mate.”

Someone else pointed out: “What's shameless and pathetic is you going after her constantly.”

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