Sinead O'Connor shares her very explicit response to Piers Morgan's interview request

Sinead O'Connor shares her very explicit response to Piers Morgan's interview request
The moment Piers Morgan storms off GMB set after controversial Meghan Markle ...

Piers Morgan invited Sinead O’Connor to sit down for an interview with him - and was savaged over his sexual prowess in response.

The singer, 55, posted a screenshot to Twitter of the brutal email response she sent to the former Good Morning Britain star. She said he has been trying to get an interview with her since the death of her son Shane, 17.

But while some would turn down the outspoken former tabloid editor with a polite ‘no’, O’Connor blasted him with allegations that he’s been "driven crazy" by a Meghan Markle obsession.

Sharing the screenshot, she wrote: "Piers Morgan's been trying to get me on his breakfast show since Shaney died. Here's what I emailed him in response: Hopefully you'll chortle your tea out your nose."

The email read: “I think it's best I don't do your show because of the irresistible temptation I would have to point out that you're dying to be balls deep in Meghan Markle so bad it's driven you crazy, and that your dislike of Prince Harry is down to his being balls deep in her ten times a day.

“It being the case that if you were ever to get near her, which would never happen, you'd last ten seconds: and that would be that for ten days.”

Morgan has repeatedly written, tweeted and spoken about Meghan Markle since her marriage to Prince Harry and their subsequent exit from the UK.

As to whether it can be described as an obsession or not, we’ll let you be the judge of that once you’ve read this.

Meghan Markle is clearly someone who sends his blood pressure soaring - his angry rant about her on Good Morning Britain was one of the most complained-about moments of 2021.

Piers, naturally, attempted to brazen out the put-down on Twitter, insisting that he’s more attracted to O'Connor than Markle.

He tweeted: "Hi Sinead, a delight to hear from you and I did indeed chortle my tea out of my nose. Three things.. a) I haven't hosted a breakfast show for a year. b) I actually fancy you, not Meghan. Think it's the GI Jane hair thing. c) I was so sorry about your son. Hope you're OK."

Author Caitlin Moran piled onto Piers on Sunday morning, prompting him to respond defensively: “It’s amusing how my legitimate criticism of someone like the ghastly Ms Markle is automatically categorised by the woke brigade as a) racist b) sexist c) damaging to her mental health or d) because I must fancy her. In fact, it’s just because she’s ghastly.”

One person responded: “Hate eats people up! You need to let go!”

Wise words...

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