Piers Morgan challenges Stephen Fry to repeatedly call him a 'c**t' on his own show

Stephen Fry says he'd like to call Piers Morgan a 'c***' on …

Stephen Fry is one of the UK’s most celebrated national treasures. Piers Morgan is… well, he’s also a household name.

As far as public personas and politics go they’re pretty much chalk and cheese, and you certainly wouldn’t normally put them together.

But Morgan has now openly challenged the award-winning actor to confront him, and indeed insult him on live television, saying he thinks it would be “funny”.

The TalkTV host tweeted the invitation on Sunday in response to comments Fry made during an interview for theDiary of a CEOpodcast. Morgan wrote: “Poor old Stephen Fry seems to be getting confused in his old age.

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“I don’t work for GB News - but if he wants to come on my show and repeatedly call me a c*** then he can. Would be quite funny actually.”

During his wide-ranging discussion with Steven Bartlett, Fry touched on why he’d joined the Twitter mass exodus following its takeover by Elon Musk.

“It doesn’t sound like a nice, happy place,” he said, adding: “I’m just not sure I’ll want to see some of the tweets that float up from the kind of people that Elon Musk encourages.”

He continued: “It’s not that I want it to be a leftwing thing, not a rightwing thing – I’m fully, of course, aware that it should reflect society as much as possible, but…”

He went on: “Do you know what I’ve wanted to do, in a sort of way, is go on one of those… Doesn’t Piers Morgan do something, is it GB News he does or one of those things?”

After Barlett replied in the affirmative, Fry said: “I sort of wanted to go on there – you’ll have to hold your ears now – and go, ‘Hello, how are you, you old c***? It’s f***ing great to see you! C***, c***, c***’.”

He then anticipated that Morgan would swiftly tell him: “You can’t say that,” to which he would retort: “Oh, I thought this was the home of free speech… Isn’t it?

“I thought this was the f***ing home of c***ing free speech. But it isn’t. Oh, so free speech is negotiable? There are bits that you can’t say and bits that you can.”

The outspoken presenter’s desire to take on the Jeeves and Wooster star was met with derision and encouragement. Here’s a look at what fellow Twitter users had to say:

Unfortunately, Fry himself may not have received Morgan's message given that he’s left the social media platform.

Maybe Morgan can send it to him over on Mastodon instead...

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