Podemos MPs take voluntary pay cuts, put other politicians to shame

Podemos, an anti-austerity political party in Spain, won 69 seats following the general election last month.

The party's leftist standpoint, in the midst of unemployment and the tough economic climate, saw them surge in popularity, and now the party's MPs have practiced what they preach by taking a pay cut.

Spanish MPs were already earning far less than their British counterparts, getting paid an average £30,000 compared to a British backbencher's £74,000.

After the pay cut Podemos' MPs will now take home £1,400 a month, rather than the £2,400 they are entitled to. They've also decided to forgo their £2,200 taxi allowance, and their retirement benefits.

Alistair Dawber, writing for the Independent from Madrid, explains:

The Podemos decision was announced after a nine-hour meeting of the party’s executive, known as its Citizens’ Council. The meeting decided that 'all deputies in the group should give up privileges'.

It is in stark contrast to the established parties, especially the governing PP, which has been overwhelmed by corruption scandals in recent years.

After the last election no party had a majority. If no coalition can be reached it will be impossible to form a government meaning that a new round of elections could be held March or April.

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