PornHub searches for Marilyn Monroe have risen 566 per cent this year

PornHub searches for Marilyn Monroe have risen 566 per cent this year
How Marilyn Monroe Has Been Portrayed Throughout the Years

Pornhub shared a video on its official YouTube page, highlighting the search insights that defined Halloween earlier this year.

From the top 10 Halloween searches for costumes, including things like nurses, maids, and teachers, it’s safe to say that the costumes people tend to gravitate towards haven’t changed too much.

However, one of the most interesting findings from the adult content platform is the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, with searches for her increasing by a whopping 566 per cent this year.

It may have had something to do with the Netflix film Blonde starring Ana de Armas as Monroe, or Kim Kardashian wearing the dress the Old Hollywood starlet wore as she sang “Happy Birthday” to then-President John F Kennedy.

But, the one thing that’s for sure is that searches for “Norma Jean,” Monroe’s birthname, had people flocking to the platform to explore.

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As for other costumes that have got onto peoples’ sexiness radar, people mainly searched for “clown” instead of “doctors” or “brides.”

It’s just something about a red nose, balloon animal art - making whimsical characters that make people laugh.

For the least searched costumes on the platform, which were “devils”, “bunnies,” and “nurses,” the medical professional came in very last, which is quite surprising because.

Nurses and other professionals in hospital settings can help people when they need counsel or when they’re up against serious health complications.

On the other hand, costumes of Harley Quinn, the comic relief henchwoman to the Joker, have also been going strong this year, making the top five searches spot just after hitting the big screens in 2021.

Quinn’s colourful hair, makeup choices, and chaotic energy seems to really get people in the spirit.

Elsewhere, Pornhub also compared 2022’s top searches to 2021, discovering that people were wildly searching Hocus Pocus, one of the most revered Halloween films.

Beating out other film searches such as Catwoman and The Addams Family, Hocus Pocus grew 1,281 per cent more in popularity this year than in 2021.

Check out more of Pornhub's 2022 insights below.

Pornhub 2022 Insights: The searches that Defined Halloween with Ariawww.youtube.com

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