Pregnant woman reveals she kicked out her husband after he hid money from her

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Being in a relationship always has its ups and downs and one of the most contentious points any couple will argue over is money.

Whether there is too much money being spent or not enough money being brought in, cash flow will always cause disagreements and tension.

However, both parties should always be upfront on what is going on with money regardless of how bad things can get.

This is unfortunately what happened to one woman on Reddit who discovered that her husband was hiding $1500 from her during a troubling time.

The woman who says that she was six months pregnant at the time told the 'Am I the A**hole?' subreddit that she had to pay for food, car insurance and fuel before making the discovery.

She wrote:

After giving her husband the boot, which seems perfectly acceptable given the circumstances, she hoped that the folks of Reddit would give her some validation.

Thankfully for her, they agreed that she had done the best thing even if it was costly.

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