'Prince Andrew is a sweaty n**ce' graffiti already spotted at Glastonbury

'Prince Andrew is a sweaty n**ce' graffiti already spotted at Glastonbury
Queen Elizabeth arrives on Andrew’s arm to Prince Philip’s memorial service

With Glastonbury Festival returning this week after a two-year hiatus, revellers have spray-painted a huge sign about Prince Andrew.

The Queen’s son has been marred in controversy after allegations that he participated in sexual activities with a minor.

Prince Andrew has consistently denied all the allegations made against him, but judging by the sentiments on display at Glastonbury, people aren’t buying it.

Spray painted in huge lettering on fabric-covered fencing, the graffiti read: “Prince Andrew is a sweaty nonce.”

The wording makes reference to a car-crash interview the Duke of York did on BBC Newsnight with journalist Emily Matlis.

In it, he claimed he had a condition that meant it was “almost impossible for me to sweat” as a defence against the serious allegations.

A picture of the sign was posted on Twitter by @allinwhites, where it has been liked more than 7,000 times at the time of writing and increasing rapidly.

The post was captioned: “They've gone early at #Glastonbury2022.”

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People in the comments made their feelings about the graffiti pretty clear.

One Twitter user claimed: “Nature is healing.”

Someone else said: “This is becoming a British tradition and you absolutely love to see it.”

Another wrote: “The kids are alright.”

“Bet the bbc cameras don’t capture this over the weekend,” one Twitter user claimed.

Kunt and the Gang, who made a song of the same name about the prince: “Nice to see the good folk at Glastonbury are ready to welcome Prince Andrew back into public life.”

It also comes after a song titled “Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce” rose up the UK charts ahead of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebration earlier this month.

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