People are furiously debating whether the salary for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s housekeeper is too low

Prince William and Kate are advertising for a housekeeper but the salary they’ve outlined has sparked debate.

The royal couple is looking for a housekeeper who can “maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion”. They also need to have an “organised approach” and be able to “manage a varied workload”.

One of the perks of the job is that the successful candidate would have the chance to live in a royal palace. They’d be living in Kensington Palace but could also be expected to travel to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace,

Despite these glamorous perks, the salary is reportedly less than desirable: it starts at just £19,140.

To put this into context, that falls below the annual London living wage which is currently £19,890. The average UK salary in 2019 was £36,611.

However, according to recruitment website Glassdoor, it is above the average housekeeper salary in the UK. The average housekeeper makes just £17,016 a year.

As a result, people are divided about whether the royals paying that salary is fair.

Some think it’s far too low, whereas others think it's in line with the role.

And others think it's proof that housekeepers are paid too little across the board...

If you think the salary sounds decent, you can apply for the role here.

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