Ashley Glawe/Facebook screengrab

Ashley Glawe, from Oregon has a pet ball python called Bart. (Try saying that quickly 7 times)

Bart isn’t venomous, and he’s not particularly thick, or long either.

So when Glawe wrapped him around her shoulders for a bit of a cuddle, it was business as usual.

Until this happened:

Glawe felt him “strike” out at her, and she thought he was attacking the side of her head.

Not so. He’d just spotted her earlobe, which was gauged, and dived through.

And got stuck.

She told CNN:

I like tried to get him out myself and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to without hurting him by pulling him back against his scales.

After firefighters were unable to remove the snake, she was taken to the hospital, where they applied lubricant to the area, stretched her earlobe and pulled him out.


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