Rachel Johnson defended Kurt Zouma for kicking a cat and people were not impressed

Rachel Johnson defended Kurt Zouma for kicking a cat and people were not impressed
Rachel Johnson defended Kurt Zouma for kicking a cat

Rachel Johnson has been criticised for defending Kurt Zouma after he was filmed kicking his cat.

The sister of the prime minister made the comments during her LBC radio show on Sunday evening, claiming we are close to cancelling Zouma “for one misguided kick”.

27-year-old Zouma plays football for West Ham United and was filmed kicking and slapping his pet cat. The RSPCA has since removed his two pet cats and are liaising with Essex Police, according to reports.

Sports brand Adidas ended its deal with the player and one of West Ham’s sponsors, Vitality, ended its contract with the club.

Johnson began her monologue by saying “thank God it’s after the watershed” before launching into her justification for the player keeping his career.

She explained that she doesn’t “believe in animal cruelty in any shape or form” but said we are in danger of “overreacting” to the shocking videos.

Johnson said: “I do think we are in danger of overreacting and cancelling Kurt Zouma for one misguided kick in his kitchen which his silly brother posted on social media.

“He’s 27 – clearly he’s old enough to know better. But do we really want to live in a world where one silly mistake can lead to the end of somebody’s career? I think we don’t.”

Johnson’s comments haven’t gone down well, as people criticised her for defending Zouma's actions.

Journalist James Felton wrote: “The Venn diagram of people who will defend Boris Johnson and people who will defend kicking the s**t out of a cat is apparently a circle.”

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Someone else replied: “Unfortunately if you do something wrong you have to be prepared to accept the consequences, even if it was a mistake or error of judgment.

“This is how a civilized society functions, actions have consequences, unfortunately your family does not understand this.”

Journalist Louis Staples pointed out: “I love how they gave her the worst slot ever: 7pm-10pm on a Sunday. there is no fee that would make me accept those hours I’m sorry!”

Another person simply wrote: “Like brother, like sister.”

indy100 has contacted LBC for comment.

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